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TwinStream Superimposed High Frequency Jet Ventilation

CLS Surgical are proud to be the exclusive distributor of the TwinStream in the UK and Ireland.

The TwinStream is a multi-mode ventilation system for tubeless jet ventilation in the fields of surgery and intensive medicine. It is the first microprocessor-driven, Superimposed, High-Frequency Jet Ventilation (SHFJV) system and sets an entirely new standard in the industry.

Performance: In contrast to old-style jet ventilators, TwinStream can deliver to the patient two separate and fully controllable ventilation components. In SHFJV, high-frequency and normal frequency jets are delivered simultaneously or alternately, with full control of the pressure plateau and PEEP, in order to ensure ideal oxygenation and CO2 elimination whatever the patient’s condition.

Integration: Because TwinStream is a fully integrated system with a wide range of delivery options (laryngoscopes, bronchoscopes, tracheoscopes, catheters and needles – all of which have been validated for use in patients from 1Kg to 200Kg), so that it can be used to provide ‘tubeless’ ventilation for all patients from neonates to highly obese adults. No longer is surgical access hindered by a ventilation tube or jet catheter in the surgical field. TwinStream will also link to your in-house data acquisition system.


  • Recruitment of unventilated alveoli
  • Increase in functional residual capacity (FRC)
  • Lower ventilation pressures
  • Decreased transpulmonary pressure
  • More effective gas exchange in comparison to conventional ventilation
  • Avoids all forms of atelectasis and intra-alveolar oedema
  • Improved gas exchange at lower ventilation pressures
  • Stable haemodynamics without affecting fluid management
  • Reduction of shear forces, resulting in reduced development of pulmonary and systemic inflammatory mediators
  • Effective mobilisation of secretions
  • Easy device preparation
  • Easy to use



You can view the manufacturers website for further information on the product and see videos of the TwinStream in action here.