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Trueflow RDB










CLS Surgical are proud to be the exclusive distributor for the True Flow RDB Cannula in the UK and Ireland.

The TRUE FLOW RDB cannula is designed to be used during ascending aorta and arch procedures when antegrade selective cerebral perfusion (ASCP) is needed. Its unique features allow a safe positioning, low risk of displacement and optimal blood flow to the brain.

Antegrade Selective Cerebral Perfusion with moderate hypothermia is a safe method of cerebral protection having a lower risk of mortality and a lower incidence of neurological accident when compared to other available techniques. True Flow is a cannula specifically designed for this purpose and could help the surgeon during surgery.

  • First specific device designed for ASCP
  • Silicone made catheter
  • Malleable steel wire
  • Reduced risk of kinking
  • Inflatable silicone balloon
  • Additional side perfusion holes for optimal brain perfusion
  • Catheter length: 35 cm
  • Available in various sizes for specific patient weight

To view/download the full product specifications, click here.