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Loupes and Surgical Illumination – German Quality!

I.C.LERCHER present high quality, German-made loupes and lights for all surgical and dental specialties where magnification and illumination without compromise is required.

These exceptional loupes offer you….

  • Extremely high depth of field and brilliant edge-to-edge sharpness
  • A variety of magnifications for different purposes
  • Individually adjustable working distance
  • Extremely broad field of view
  • Excellent depth of field
  • VDC lens technology for utmost clarity
  • Moisture- and dustproof sealed lenses
  • Dioptre compensation available for spectacle wearers
    Powerful LED Circle Light clips on and is held securely and magnetically.
The LED Circle light gives bright sharp illumination. Compare it with the light provided by inferior products (below).



Don’t put up with this sort of illumination when you can have a quality LED Circle light to help you.