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Finally, a solution for muscle tension and chronic symptoms caused by laparoscopic instrument use.

Repetitive injury causes well-documented* long term problems for laparoscopists.

Avoid the strain with the new Mediflex® RELIEF™ Ergonomic Laparoscopic Instrument Handle

The Mediflex® RELIEF™ Handle

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  • Addresses repetitive motion discomfort and injuries experienced by surgeons.
  • Reduces muscle nerve and tendon stress associated with grasping and gripping.
  • Reduces tension on all muscles of the hand, arm and shoulder.
  • Allows the thumb to follow its natural sequence and range of movements.
  • Is ambidextrous.
  • Is available on Mediflex® Cutting Edge and Deluxe Instrument Systems.

The ambidextrous Mediflex® RELIEF™ Handle has a unique pivoting ring handle which reduces muscle, nerve and tendon stress associated with gripping laparoscopic instruments.

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