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CLS Surgical are proud to be the exclusive distributor for Fehling Surgical Instruments across the UK and Ireland.

When Fehling patented the coating of top quality German steel and Titanium with an Aluminium Titanium Nitride alloy deposited by high temperature vapour deposition, CERAMO® was born.

CERAMO® is 5 -6 times harder than hardened steel giving instruments sharper edges which stay sharper longer and reduced wear in joints.  As a result they are highly cost-effective. The benefits of CERAMO® are particularly seen in their microvascular instruments (Catalogue 1) and in punches and rongeurs used for spinal surgery (Catalogue 6).

The hard CERAMO® surface is chemically inert and therefore easy to clean and disinfect.
It resists reaction with other materials during reprocessing. The dark bronze finish is non-reflecting and improves visualisation.

The overall benefits of FEHLING CERAMO® surfaces are:-

  • Longer working life of the instrument
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced down-time and administration
  • Fewer instrument-related injuries
  • Significant overall cost reduction

The Fehling product range includes specialist instruments for Neurosurgery, Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery, but use is not limited to these clinical areas alone.

Micro Surgical Instruments (Catalogue 1)

Retractors (Catalogue 2)

Scissors (Catalogue 3)

Forceps and Clamps (Catalogue 4)

Needle Holders (Catalogue 5)

Punches and Rongeurs (Catalogue 6)

Intervertebral Instruments (Catalogue 7)

Suction Instruments (Catalogue 8)

Micro Dissection and Retracting Instruments (Catalogue 10)

Cardiovascular Instruments (Catalogue 11)

Paediatric Cardiac Surgery

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