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CLS Surgical at the Liverpool Aortic Surgery Symposium 2022


Another event complete! 

On the weekend of June 25th/26th, Chris, Philippa and Dean headed to the ACC in Liverpool for the 8th Biennial Aortic Surgery Symposium. 

The weekend was jam packed with medical professionals from across the country,…

CLS Surgical at the Advanced Airway Management Course 2022


June was a month of all go for our team here at CLS.

On the 16th and 17th, Adrian and Dean headed to Guy’s Hospital in London for the annual Advanced Airway Management Course.

This amazing event, held at Guy’s for…

ISO 9001-2015 Certification

Being a small tight knitted group, we have always been highly focused on a strong, personable relationship with our customers. That relationship with our customers is a big motivating factor for us and fuels us to continually look at our processes, our in house management and what…

Carl Reiner May 2022 Newsletter


We recently received a newsletter from one of our manufacturers, Carl Reiner, regarding a few events and projects they’ve been working on.

We’re very much looking forward to strengthening our relationship with Carl Reiner and spreading word about the TwinStream, which truly is…

TwinStream – ICU

  • Recruitment of unventilated alveoli
  • Increase in functional residual capacity (FRC)
  • Lower ventilation pressures
  • Decreased transpulmonary pressure
  • More effective gas exchange in comparison to conventional ventilation
  • Avoids all forms of atelectasis and intra-alveolar oedema
  • Improved gas exchange at…

In Vienna

We were delighted to welcome anaesthetists from across the UK for intensive training with the TwinStream experts in Vienna recently.  Fortunately, two busy days of jet theory, clinical interaction and hands-on practice still left time to experience some of the delights of Vienna.

Prof Hugo Vanerman

A big thank you to Prof Hugo Vanerman for posting his video of his case using the FEHLING Mitral Foil Retractor to improve access to the papillary muscles.  It’s on LinkedIn at


BACO, Manchester

With the launch of the new TwinStreamOne we had a busy time at BACO.  The TSOne offers the ideal starting point for jet ventilation in ENT and lung surgery and we were delighted with the response from the many delegates who visited our stand.  The TSOne is…

New Clinical Paper – FlexGuard prevents trauma!

An important new study compares the forces applied by a standard surgical retractor blade with and without the protection from a FlexGuard®.  The FlexGuard® protected blade applied 82% less overall mechanical force to the pelvic side wall compared to steel retractors…

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